Toxins are a part of our daily lives!  Every moment of our existence our body is being bombarded with toxicity, from the food and drink we consume, cosmetics we apply to our external bodies and cleaning products, all the way down to the ever so needed air that we breath. Did you know that toxins can be formed in our bodies as well?

Emotional imbalances, stress hormones, anxiety and negative emotions all create toxic free radicals within our bodies. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to live without the buildup of toxins within us. Fortunately, our body has built in mechanisms that help us deal with toxic overload. Our body will naturally rid itself of some of these waste materials through the motions of defecation, urination, crying and sweating.

Some people may think that it is unnecessary to take further measures to remove toxins from our bodies because they have become such a part of our daily lives.  However, with the overabundance of toxins from foods, products and the environment, and not to mention the increasing levels of stress we go through, our body is overwhelmed with toxic buildup and greatly needs additional help in the elimination of unnecessary waste.

A great way to do a quick  full body detox without much effort is our 30 minute “FIR Infrared Sauna Service” $28

While you enjoy your Relax FIR Sauna you may EFFORTLESSLY:

Remove Toxins, Reduce Body Fat/Burn Calories/Speed up Metabolism!

Slow the Aging process while you Enhance Beauty/Skin Health & Radiance!

Metabolic Booster:  Far Infrared Energy pulsates the water molecules in your body breaking down clusters, improving capillary functions and allowing water molecules to enter cells with ease and revitalizing the cells!  This helps recover regenerative systems!

FIR Sauna allows you to produce sweat at a rate of 2 to 3 times over conventional sauna setups. Using the sauna may easily burn up to 1200 calories in only one 30 minute session.

Reduce body fat:   Studies show that the FIR sauna can reduce up to 2% body fat in a single session.

Anti-Aging:   Most people generally sit for long hours, work under high stress and struggle to exercise regularly.  We are more susceptible to chronic diseases and premature aging. FIR Sauna may raise your metabolic rate.

Enhance Detoxification:  FIR Sauna may open up pores and release toxins that have built up inside of you. MANY OF OUR CLIENTS here at Violet’s Health And Beauty have sweat BLACK.  This is an indication that Metabolic waste and excess Fats, Dioxin, Cadmium & Heavy metals have been released.

The Relax FIR Infrared Sauna’s Patented Self Temperature Control Semi-Conductor Far Infrared Technology is Safe and Effective!